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Call for Presenters

The committee for the 22nd Biennial ANCOS National Conference, PINNACLE 2025 – Reaching Musical Heights in Orff-Schulwerk, invites proposals for 60-minute sessions aiming at all teachers engaged in various musical educational contexts such as early childhood, primary, secondary school, and instrumental settings.

The conference’s primary focus is to delve into innovative teaching methodologies and research within music education and Orff-Schulwerk, encompassing both emerging practices and established best practices. The conference seeks to explore the peak of music education and strives to attract presenters who can advocate for music education and Orff-Schulwerk to the highest level.

We extend an invitation to new presenters, early-career educators, and seasoned teachers alike, encouraging them to share their valuable experiences.

We are actively seeking the following types of sessions:

  • Interactive pedagogical workshops
  • Dance and movement workshops
  • Demonstrations
  • Research papers
  • Games sessions
  • And more…

Feel free to draw inspiration from the above options or expand upon them.

  • All presenters are responsible for covering their own expenses, encompassing registration, travel, accommodation, and non-included meals.
  • Presenters are required to be registered conference attendees, at minimum on the day of their presentation, and are strongly urged to participate in the entire conference. Priority will be given to those who plan to engage in the full conference.
  • Presenters will receive a discounted rate for their conference registration.
  • Presenters will receive compensation of $125.00 per hour.
  • Presenters are requested to provide up to four pages of notes for inclusion in the conference program.
  • In the event of acceptance, kindly provide the following:
    • A current headshot and brief biography for integration on the conference website, program, and promotional materials.
    • A tax invoice detailing bank account or PayPal particulars, clearly mentioning payment instructions. If applicable, include a Statement by Supplier. Invoices must be received by Friday, 9th February 2025, for payment processing. Invoices submitted beyond this date will not be accepted.

Download a copy of the Submission Guidelines

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Call for Presenter Submissions will close on

Thursday 30th November 2023.


If you have any queries, please email