Perth, Western Australia

Perth, Western Australia, is a vibrant city known for its stunning beaches, clear blue skies, and thriving arts and culture scene. As the host city for our conference, Perth offers a unique blend of modernity and natural beauty, making it an ideal location for both work and leisure. Explore the city’s diverse dining scene, wander through its bustling markets, or take a leisurely stroll along the picturesque Swan River. With its welcoming atmosphere and world-class amenities, Perth is sure to leave a lasting impression on conference attendees.


Things to do in Perth

  1. Kings Park and Botanic Garden: Explore the beautiful gardens, enjoy stunning views of the city skyline, and visit the Western Australian Botanic Garden.
  2. The Pinnacles: Visit the iconic place that is this conference was named after! The Pinnacles can be found at Nambung National Park, Cervantes, about a 2 hour drive from Perth.
  3. Cottesloe Beach: Relax on the white sandy beaches, swim in the crystal-clear waters, and enjoy the vibrant beachside atmosphere.
  4. Fremantle: Visit the historic port city of Fremantle, explore the markets, enjoy the waterfront dining, and learn about the area’s rich history.
  5. Perth Zoo: Discover a wide variety of animals from around the world, and enjoy interactive exhibits and wildlife experiences.
  6. Swan Valley: Take a day trip to the Swan Valley wine region, sample local wines, indulge in gourmet food, and explore the charming towns and boutique shops.
  7. Perth Mint: Learn about the history of gold mining in Western Australia, see the largest collection of gold bars in the world, and watch a gold pouring demonstration.
  8. Art Gallery of Western Australia: Explore the gallery’s extensive collection of Australian and Indigenous art, as well as international exhibitions.
  9. Rottnest Island: Take a ferry to Rottnest Island, home to stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and the adorable quokkas.
  10. Perth Cultural Centre: Visit the various cultural institutions, including the Western Australian Museum, the State Library of Western Australia, and the Art Gallery of Western Australia.
  11.  Perth Concert Hall: Enjoy a performance at the Perth Concert Hall, which hosts a variety of concerts, performances, and events throughout the year.
  12.  Elizabeth Quay: Explore Elizabeth Quay, a vibrant waterfront precinct offering restaurants, cafes, public art, and stunning views of the Swan River.
  13.  Margaret River Wine Region: Take a trip to the Margaret River wine region, known for its world-class wineries, gourmet food, and stunning scenery.

For more ideas, head to the Tourism Western Australia website HERE. 

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Please note: this video is outdated and the dates should read 6-9 January 2025.