The organisers of the 22nd Biennial ANCOS National Conference, PINNACLE 2025 – Reaching Musical Heights in Orff-Schulwerk, invite any interested parties to become a sponsor, trader or advertiser of this unique event.

Anticipated to bring over 120 music educators from across Australia and internationally, this is a great opportunity to promote one’s business and support educators of Australia.

The conference program is designed to be inclusive, accommodating all teachers whether they are music specialists, studio / instrumental teachers or generalist classroom teachers. All will be engaged in music making through singing, playing instruments and movement. A focus on student learning, engagement and integration of technology will ensure teachers develop skills and practices to help deliver the Arts through high quality music education.

Please see below for potential opportunities where businesses can get involved in this exciting event.

Prices are in Australian dollars and GST is not applicable.

Want to support PINNACLE 2025 – Reaching New Heights in Orff-Schulwerk by becoming a sponsor, advertiser or trader?

Click this link for more information and details on how to apply!